Covid-19 shook the world and forced us all to re-evaluate.

Supply chains were affected top to bottom, companies shut down, offices closed, and a new work-from-home culture emerged.

In light of these events, we canvassed our academic publishing audience to understand how the lessons of 2020 are driving change in 2021.


We looked at whether and how quickly, academic publishing is moving towards the OneOffice™ concept. Here’s a sample of what we found:

  • 55% said data science roles would grow in 2021
  • 4 in 10 have confidence in their internal team’s technology skills


We invited publishers to share their respective organisation’s approach to getting the job done. Here’s a sample of what we found:

  • 30% were using XML proofing with real-time editing capabilities
  • 18% argued that “data-based decision making” should be the top priority for their business


Having looked at people and processes we wanted to understand how business outcomes changed – here’s a sample of what we found:

  • 20% predicted a rise in OA publications would cause a fall in revenue
  • 70% expect 2021’s output to equal or build on 2020

To find out more download the full survey below.