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Accelerating excellence across the workflow

Powerful and intuitive by design and function, the digital publishing technology platform automates, streamlines and simplifies all publishing production workflows and tasks. Beneath a modern UI and UX lies an innovative AI workflow engine.

Lanstad Publishing Production Platform

1. Prepare

Deanta’s data science approach to workflow automation and system integration kicks off at the start of all projects with an AI assessment of all files and content supplied. Our AI models ensure the accurately automated ingestion of all metadata, files, content and imagery supplied regardless of where and how that content is supplied. This process automatically creates the respective article/book file along the appropriate schedule for this along with the TOC and castoff for book projects.

Lanstad Publishing Production Platform

2. Convert

Rather than have an operator run a local semi-automatic process to identify each element of the publication, customized machine learning algorithms identify these elements using NLP and automatically convert them to XML to streamline and automate the entire process. In parallel, all related artwork is extracted, sized and automatically improved and converted to the correct format and image specification. The artwork can be accessed in our online gallery where it is also linked to its respective chapter/articles XML file.

Lanstad Publishing Production Platform

3. Update

Lanstad’s ProEditor provides a centralised, user-friendly and intuitive XML editing environment to update article and book content at all stages of production. This includes access to our AI and NLP customised style and grammar tools to tailor the editing needs of the subject area. This removes a huge amount of the manual editorial work, while also assisting editors and reviewers with the process.

Lanstad Publishing Production Platform

4. Deliver

We supply a final deliverable pack of the production and core assets upon completion of every project. This pack includes the final print and electronic formats along with their supporting files (application files, art files, etc.) that could be used for future editions.

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Delivering outcomes across three levels


“Deanta provides first-class project management services to Bloomsbury. Deanta combines excellent customer service and communication with a high level of technical expertise at competitive rates. Deanta stands out in a very crowded space.”

Louise Cameron, Group Production Director – Bloomsbury


“We have found Deanta to be extremely helpful in providing technical assistance when required and they have also stepped in to assist when our own resources have been stretched.”

Simon Laurenson, Operations Manager - Bioscientifica


“Deanta has provided us copyediting and typesetting services for the best part of ten years across a range of different publication formats. We are consistently impressed by Deanta's professionalism, accuracy and customer service. With a dedicated account manager, nothing is too much trouble. ”

Liz Lewis, Production Manager - Lloyd’s List Intelligence (Informa)

Rowman & Littlefield

“In the past, time zone differences have been an issue with other suppliers, but not with Deanta. They accommodate the preferred contact times for Rowman & Littlefield, with no half-day or day wait between queries and responses. Overall they do a fantastic job.”

Karen Ackerman, Director – Rowman & Littlefield

British Blockchain Association

“Reliable and professional publishing services. If you own a journal or a publishing outlet and require assistance with managing your work flows, reach out to Deanta Global. They are responsive to client’s needs and will manage your project well.”

Dr Naseem Naqvi, President - British Blockchain Association


A secure, resilient enterprise-grade platform


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Lanstad is a uniquely centralized publishing production platform, featuring a collaborative project management workspace that enables real-time XML editing, proofing, and content transformation. It is built with microservices in Azure using a Platform as a Service strategy designed to support services that are fast, scalable and reliable.

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