Unique mix of expertise & methodology

Deanta are publishing production experts, but our solutions can have a more far-reaching impact on your business. No two publishers are the same of course, so our approach begins with a deep understanding of your business. We won’t pigeon hole you into an existing solution. Instead, our consultative approach and publishing experience may help pave the way towards better business outcomes for your organisation.

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Deanta publishing production
leading industry change

We have no choice but to embrace change

The world of publishing has seen many fundamental changes in recent years, from onshore/offshore production to the rise of ebooks and digital transformation impacting the industry. Every business must move at its own pace but ultimately Deanta wants to help publishers embrace this change; from organisational change to find, motivate and retain staff to technological change to help realise greater value from content.

Deanta digital publishing

Adapting to a digital way of working

Next level publishers are rethinking what they want to achieve and how to transform their business models to align with these evolved ambitions. Central to this is the adoption of technology as the true spine of any publishing business. Staff, empowered by data-based-decision making and automation, can then begin to free themselves of operational tasks and offer more strategic value.

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Deanta publishing efficiencies

Accelerating innovation to add new value

The benefits of technology begin with streamlined efficiencies and costs, but the true impact of evolved tech is felt through organisational change in a globally networked digital economy. For the academic publishing industry, this means identifying how to deliver new value to clients, authors, and readers, as the industry continues to change. It will involve accelerating digital initiatives, hiring new skills, and realigning resources for innovation.

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Deanta difference by design

Empowering unique solutions

Progressive publishing production companies embed design thinking techniques into their projects. This approach empowers people to work together to identify and articulate a common problem, brainstorm ideas to address the challenge, quickly wireframe and test it, and continue to iterate into a proposed solution.

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Deanta Infinite mindset

Finding a future-facing focus

The infinite mindset identified by HFS Research encourages enterprises to look past short-term wins and quick-fixes, and adopt a future-facing focus for long-term success. For publishers this involves accelerating digital initiatives, employing new skills, realigning resources for innovation, and identifying how to deliver new value as the industry continues to change.

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Deanta hyperconnected enterprise

Mining connections and insights

The modern hyper-connected “OneOffice” enterprise uses digital connectivity to drive productivity and innovation across the back and front offices. For publishers, AI-led XML workflows and enhanced metadata management can create seamless communication and collaboration tools; connecting your staff, authors, editors, and other external contributors, to rich new experiences and real-time insights.

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unique methodology

Proven methodology with unique benefits for publishing

We haven’t reinvented the wheel, our methodology follows best practice guidelines successfully deployed in other digitally transforming industries.  Our goal is to prioritise and understand your goals, and how best to achieve those goals rather than shoehorn you into a preset solution or service.

OUR METHODOLOGY 1 Discovery 2 Design 3 Build 4 Delivery 5 Review
Let’s talk about delivering lasting change for your business
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outcomes focused

Moving beyond efficiencies

Our next level outcomes begin with immediate and tangible benefits like faster speed to market, cost savings and improved accuracy. But where we add even more value is by helping our clients drive lasting organisational change.

Academic Publishing Services
OneOffice framework

Hyperconnected publishing

We believe a leaner, more agile and multi-skilled workforce, supported by technology, can transform the publishing industry. When publishers adopt a more simplified and intuitive production process, driven by a next-level AI-led XML engine and supporting the seamless flow of enhanced metadata, it’s people are free to think and add value rather than just do. The resulting culture of innovation drives better commercial and user outcomes.

Human-centric customer experience

  • Automation
  • Human augmentation
  • Insights

Human-centric employee experience

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“Deanta provides first-class project management services to Bloomsbury. Deanta combines excellent customer service and communication with a high level of technical expertise at competitive rates. Deanta sands out in a very crowded space.”

Louise Cameron, Group Production Director – Bloomsbury


“We have found Deanta to be extremely helpful in providing technical assistance when required and they have also stepped in to assist when our own resources have been stretched.”

Simon Laurenson, Operations Manager - Bioscientifica Ltd.

Taylor & Francis

“We continue to send work to Deanta over and over again, and the end product is the best we have ever seen. The project manager knows what to ask to ensure the best outcome, and how to make quick, correct decisions regarding all aspects of book production. Given one choice, it would always be Deanta.”

Cynthia Klivecka, Production Manager – CRC Press

Informa Law

“Deanta has provided us copyediting and typesetting services for the best part of ten years across a range of different publication formats. We are consistently impressed by Deanta's professionalism, accuracy and customer service. With a dedicated account manager, nothing is too much trouble. ”

Liz Lewis, Production Manager - Lloyd’s List Intelligence (Informa)

Rowman & Littlefield

“In the past, time zone differences have been an issue with other suppliers, but not with Deanta. They accommodate the preferred contact times for Rowman & Littlefield, with no half-day or day wait between queries and responses. Overall they do a fantastic job.”

Karen Ackerman, Director – Rowman & Littlefield

British Blockchain Association

“Reliable and professional publishing services. If you own a journal or a publishing outlet and require assistance with managing your work flows, reach out to Deanta Global. They are responsive to client’s needs and will manage your project well.”

Dr Naseem Naqvi, President - British Blockchain Association

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