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Trends in academic publishing 2024

This is the fourth annual Trends in Academic Publishing survey that Deanta has conducted. Over these four years, the topics raised in the survey reports have stimulated various discussions with publishers across the world, including many of a robust nature.

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what we do

New ways of thinking inspire new ways of doing

At Deanta we believe there is a clear new path forward for publishers. A brand new future where talent and technology align for innovation and growth. Through our unique combination of AI-led XML-first technology, our global production services, and our consultative-led approach, Deanta’s  goal is to lead and support this digital transformation journey and help our clients achieve better business outcomes.

Deanta publishing services

Next level publishing production services

At our core lies our publishing production services, covering all areas of production management and creative services. We have spent years building a team of experienced onshore and offshore project managers and copy-editors whose collective expertise covers a wide variety of subject areas. Using our XML-first Lanstad technology, we can help you find efficiencies at scale and deliver quicker turnaround times, whilst driving down costs and improving the accuracy and quality of your work.

Our publishing production services

Deanta bespoke solutions

Purposeful change for the better

Deanta manages a global network of publishing consultants, all of whom have led or contributed to significant change programmes in their respective fields. This wealth of experience helps us to help you drive essential and long-lasting change. From workflow optimisation and digital transformation, to open access and publishing technology we can help you realise more value from your content and build a better business.

Our bespoke solutions

Deanta innovative technology

Powering innovation through technology

At Deanta, we can help our clients gain immediate cost, speed and accuracy benefits by switching to our innovative AI-led publishing production technology, but we also help publishers go beyond simply digitising products to become fully digital organisations. By developing an internal technology spine which can talk to external technologies, and allow the seamless movement of content and metadata, publishers can become more data-driven, more agile, and drive greater value from their content.

Our technology

What we believe

Next level publishing solutions

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why we are different

People, processes and tech aligned for lasting change

While academic publishing services have seen some monumental shifts in the past two decades, it’s been slower than many industries to adapt to new ways of working. Our unique combination of technology, methodology and expertise helps our clients embrace the untapped potential of a fully digital business environment. This results in simplified workflows, a connected workforce, and a culture of innovation that drives better publishing productivity and outcomes.

How we deliver lasting change

Less work. More flow.

Lanstad is our cloud-based, AI-driven, customisable production management platform that enables publishers to do more, and do it better, with less. Powerful and intuitive by design and function, the platform automates, streamlines and simplifies publishing production workflows and tasks.

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outcomes focused

Moving beyond efficiencies

Our next level outcomes begin with immediate and tangible benefits like faster speed to market, cost savings and improved accuracy. But where we add even more value is by helping our clients drive lasting organisational change.

Academic Publishing Services
Deanta case study

Partnerships born from projects

With change inevitable in this industry, we can help you wherever you are on your journey; from traditional publishers with the age-old problems of efficiencies, turnaround times and cost savings, to more contemporary publishers who embrace technology and new ways of doing things. We often go beyond project outputs to explore how we can help you make bigger, and longer lasting, next level impacts and outcomes through our strategic approach.

Our clients’ success stories


“Deanta provides first-class project management services to Bloomsbury. Deanta combines excellent customer service and communication with a high level of technical expertise at competitive rates. Deanta sands out in a very crowded space.”

Louise Cameron, Group Production Director – Bloomsbury


“We have found Deanta to be extremely helpful in providing technical assistance when required and they have also stepped in to assist when our own resources have been stretched.”

Simon Laurenson, Operations Manager - Bioscientifica Ltd.

Taylor & Francis

“We continue to send work to Deanta over and over again, and the end product is the best we have ever seen. The project manager knows what to ask to ensure the best outcome, and how to make quick, correct decisions regarding all aspects of book production. Given one choice, it would always be Deanta.”

Cynthia Klivecka, Production Manager – CRC Press

Informa Law

“Deanta has provided us copyediting and typesetting services for the best part of ten years across a range of different publication formats. We are consistently impressed by Deanta's professionalism, accuracy and customer service. With a dedicated account manager, nothing is too much trouble. ”

Liz Lewis, Production Manager - Lloyd’s List Intelligence (Informa)

Rowman & Littlefield

“In the past, time zone differences have been an issue with other suppliers, but not with Deanta. They accommodate the preferred contact times for Rowman & Littlefield, with no half-day or day wait between queries and responses. Overall they do a fantastic job.”

Karen Ackerman, Director – Rowman & Littlefield

British Blockchain Association

“Reliable and professional publishing services. If you own a journal or a publishing outlet and require assistance with managing your work flows, reach out to Deanta Global. They are responsive to client’s needs and will manage your project well.”

Dr Naseem Naqvi, President - British Blockchain Association

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